When You Don’t Have Enough Counter Space In Your Kitchens

The most important functional aspect in any kitchen is the countertop. It’s where you place all of your essentials while flitting around the kitchen. It’s where most of your small-scale appliances are. It’s where you prepare your food. So what happens when you don’t have enough counter space to see you through all of that? Let’s find out:


1. You have to deal with lot of physical clutter

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The first con of counter space shortage is that you’ll start to see a huge amount of physical clutter throughout your kitchens. This clutter is going to look very unpleasant and it’s going to start spreading around the rest of your home because you’ll eventually run out of space to put things in your kitchens.


2. There’s barely any room for gadgets

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Kitchen gadgets such as toasters, blenders, coffee machines and the like have always been a part of the countertops. Its their display area and home. So imagine the hassle that you’ll have to go through when you have little to no counter space and a whole lot of gadgets that need placement.


3. Handy essentials have to be stored away

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When you have very small counter space, daily essentials like regular use glasses and cups have to be stowed away into drawers and such. It’s a complicated process to go through when the thing you need can just be put within reach on the countertop had you just been savvy about space management. Of course you can hang hardware on the backsplash for accommodation, but it’s never the same.


4. Barely any room to prepare meals

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One of the worst set-backs that you face during the shortage of counter space is that there is barely any room to prepare meals. You’ll have very little room for cutting boards and other food essentials that need to be kept within handy reach while you’re preparing a meal. This can lead to a massive disarray and more clutter to clean post-cooking.


5. Relocation of food stuff

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Like it or not, shortness of counter space means that you’ll have to essentially relocate some of the food stuff that is an inherent part of the kitchen. That fruit bowl by the stove s going to be moved to the dining room. Those everyday spice bottles must find a new home. And while it’s not that bad, the dearth of proper space always means extra rounds that you’ll have to make around your home during the space usage.


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