When you sprinkle Scandinavian style with colours

The Scandinavian style is notorious for its neutral-hued colour palette. It’s an aesthetic that was born of distressed wooden textures, whitewashed walls, light wooden floors, and achromatic colour schemes. But that may not be absolutely appealing for most people these days – especially when this concept has been so globalised. This is why we’re here to help; want to know what happens when you sprinkle the Scandinavian style with colours? Let’s take a look!


1. Remains bright and airy

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Here’s the thing: as long as you keep the base design elements (i.e. large windows, simple furniture, round edges, etc.) the same, the change in colour scheme is going to have very little impact. This is a good thing, because at the end of the day it’s the core simplicity of this style that attracts more people. So, when the backdrop remains the same, you have much more leeway with the choice of palette.


2. Don’t stray too far

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Another thing to remember when colouring your Scandinavian style interior designs is that you must not stray too far away from the original look. There is a reason why this style accommodates the neutral palette; it’s because it complements a bright and airy look the best. So when using colours, stick to tints (the lighter shades) and possibly pastel hues sprinkled with high-contrast accent pieces.


3. Sprinkle with neutrals

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Adding colours to the Scandinavian style is all well and good, but you also need to maintain that visual link to the original aesthetic. This is why sprinkling your new palette with touches of wood, natural colours, and earthy textures can be a good thing. You can make them a part of the backdrop, but it’s best not to disregard them completely.


4. Through a touch of nature

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They say that nature provides the best colour schemes and that couldn’t be truer in terms of Scandinavian style. Even when you’re adding colours to its original neutral looks, you can do so by decorating with lush green planters. They can make the space feel like it’s full of life and make you feel closer to nature in Singapore’s urban landscape at the same time.


5. Go stylistic

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The idea of adding colours to a Scandinavian space is totally out of the box, so why not take it a step further. Instead of remaining simple with the wall designs, add a stylistic touch to them by picking relevant wallpapers over simple paint. It’s best to be careful with the choice, but the results can be truly gorgeous when done right.


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