Where To Start When You Move To Your New Home

We always talk about renovation and remodeling in a very detached context. It’s all about the colours, the textures, the lighting, and all that technical stuff that comes with the job. However, we renovate a home for people, and moving in the new home is part of the whole process. If you’ve just brought yourself a new home and are in the process of moving in, here are a few tips that can make things easier:


1. Take care of the small items first

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The moment that you move in, the unpacking is all you’ll be able to think about. While rearranging the larger things may seem like the most likely course of action, you need to stop, take a deep breath, and unpack all the smaller stuff before anything else. You’ll find that a lifetime of accumulating possessions can result in a lot of boxes of personal effect. You can keep what you want and do away with the rest.


2. Find the proper place for things

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Now that you’ve unpacked all your things, you’ll find your new home extremely cluttered. It may seem like an impossible task to stow all of it away, but you can definitely do so by finding proper places for your things. The appliances, cutlery, and crockery can all go in the kitchen. The small décor items can find homes on your furniture. The clothes and accessories can go in the closet. Pro tip: be systematic. Don’t let anything overwhelm you.


3. Do a deep cleanse

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New home, new self, may be the clichéd adage, but you cannot expect to enjoy your brand new digs before doing an extensive cleanup. You’ll find that the post-renovation gunk and junk is very heady. It has to be neatly cleared off and your weapons of choice can be a mop and a bucket of water.


4. Arrange all the big stuff

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After you’ve put all the small things away and have cleansed off the dirt and grime of moving in, it’s time to rearrange the big things. Most new homeowners prefer to go for new furniture and the designers already arrange them in the decided layout before the moving-in day. But if you’re one of the few who’ve chosen to go with your vintage items, you can start by placing things in their designated layout spaces. Beds can be assembled in the bedroom, couches arranged in the living room, chairs added to alcoves, etc.


5. Sit back and enjoy

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Now that all the heavy-lifting has been done and the cleaning has been taken care of, you can simply sit back and enjoy your new home. There’ll be definitely a sense of peace to it!


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