Who says you can’t do sleek with wood

Over the years, there has always been a very common misconception with sleek modern interior designs not being able to feature wooden textures. However, that is completely wrong. Wooden textures are, in fact, the backbone of sophisticated modern spaces. The initial modernist concept was all about being close to nature and wood is as close as you get there. Interested to know how you can do sleek with cozy wooden surfaces? Let’s find out:


1. High gloss laminate backdrop

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Over the years, laminates have become a design essential – a material that can camouflage as anything and everything. So, using wooden laminates in a high gloss finish is one of the most active ways to emulate that sleek but cozy vibe in your homes. You can even use it extensively – i.e. cover up an entire feature wall of your visual sensibilities call for it!


2. Large expanses

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One of the key characteristics of the modern look is large surfaces with minimal to zero embellishments. These are usually plain, but have an enormous presence within the overall spaces. You can utilize these elements to feature a cozy wooden texture in your home interiors. Since they are largely uninterrupted, they can complement that slick modern vibe you’re aiming for.


3. Minimalist design elements

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You do not have to be completely ornamental about how you use wooden surfaces in sleek modern interior designs. As long as the execution is plain and simple, anything is possible. Suspended shelves are a pretty good example of this idea. You can dress them up in wooden textures to complement the unadorned design. They’ll definitely exude a graceful aura.


4. Even ceilings

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Even ceiling designs can be used to convey a sleek modern look when dressed in wooden textures. But here’s the catch – you have to be very smooth about it in the literal sense. This means no dips and complicated designs that can make it seem like an overly decorated addition. You simply have to go for a large expanse of wooden textured surface to get the best effects.


5. Against a slick backdrop

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And finally, you can also go sleek with wooden textures by contrasting them against an already slick surface. Your wooden design element can be matt and organic, but when you put it against a synthetic-looking surface, it can both complement and contrast the space at the same time!


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