Why Insist on Using Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces for Your Home?

Caesarstone is a world-renowned company that deals in quartz surfaces used in kitchens, bathrooms and general renovation details like flooring, feature wall, etc. Established in 1987, Caesarstone has a build quite a name for themselves –especially in the Singapore market. As such, their products are of the highest quality and ensure a long lifespan. This is why the company confidently divulges in an official 10-Year Warranty for the satisfaction and welfare of their clients.


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However, you definitely need to ensure that you’re buying an authentic Caesarstone product to be eligible for this amazing warranty. So today, we’ll be guiding you on how to check the authenticity of your Caesarstone and apply for a 10-Year Warranty. Let’s take a look:


1. Assigned Batch Branding Number Checking the authenticity

Kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities are quite expensive, so if you’ve decided to go for the quality products delivered by Caesarstone, it’s always best to assure yourself of their genuineness. The first step in applying for the 10-year warranty is also checking if your Caesarstone product is authentic.

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Here’s how you can do it: all slabs produced by Caesarstone come with an assigned batch branding number form the factories in US and Israel. All you have to do is check the underside of the quartz surface top for the identification information. The first 9 digits are the slab ID, followed by the inspection date, followed by the 7-digit batch number, the color code and the finish type.


2. Branding on the back of every slab

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Another tell of authenticity is that the batch and serial number is printed in a zig-zag direction, so no matter what direction it’s cut in, you can always see the batch number. Caesarstone’s genuine batch branding on every slab also passes through the Quality Control Center, is carefully scrutinized and registered in the official company database.


3. Registering for your 10-year warranty

All of Caesarstone procedures are certified under the ISO 9002 standards, and such their products are highly qualitative. Once you’ve checked out the authenticity of your slab, it’s time to register for the 10-Year Warranty.

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 If you live in Singapore, you can apply for it online by filling out this form. Once you’ve been registered, you’ll receive an email asking to schedule an appointment for a complimentary cleaning demonstration. During the demonstration, you will be given a set of cleaning kit for you to bring home to upkeep and maintain your Caesarstone quartz surfaces.


4. Credible Certifications

If you need any more reasons to go for Caesarstone, then you’ll be amazed by all their great certifications. Other companies rarely ever take the pains to have minimal impact on the environment, but Caesarstone doesn’t shy away from it. Their commitment to create a sustainable and eco-friendly production value can be testified by the American GEI certification.

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More notably, Caesarstone is internationally recognized for their excellent Quality Control standards, making them the first manufacturing company to be ISO certified. They’re also incredibly hygienic, as proved by their compliance with the Health and Safety Foundation Sanitary standard. This basically means that you’ll never have to worry about mildew and bacteria growth while preparing food on these surfaces!


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone

So this is how Caesarstone has managed to retain a top spot in the international quartz surface market – by caring about their customers and delivering top quality products all around!

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