Your 5 Best Hacks For Small-Style Kitchens

While many homes in Singapore are small by design, the brunt of this fact is only ever apparent in bathrooms and kitchens. The latter are especially cognizant of this, because kitchens are function based spaces and need to retain some manner of ambient cohesion for them to be fully pragmatic. Here are your 5 best hacks to make small-style kitchens feel bigger and better:


1. Transparency over openness

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If you do not want to incorporate an open floor plan in your kitchens – or are unable to because of structural or budgeting reasons – you can always go with transparency to make things better. You don’t have to tear down half a wall or gouge out a hole in it – you can simply invest in bifold or sliding doors with aluminum frames to make things more see-through on both ends of the space.


2. Invest in reflective surfaces

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As far as laminates or other surfaces are concerned within the interior design of small kitchens, it’s best to choose reflective surfaces. The good news is that the market is chock full of contemporary materials of this genre that can suit your needs. You can even make a choice between matt and gloss as long as your chosen surface has a sense of reflection within it.


3. Choose smaller essentials

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The kitchen is nothing without these essentials; sinks, hobs, and the fridge. While they are usually very large and statement worthy, you have to respect the integrity of your small kitchens wisely. Choose a single sink, a small hob, and an adequately sized fridge so that you won’t end up wasting a lot of space in an unnecessary manner.


4. Use Jenga style layers

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The cabinets are an inherent part of the kitchen, so nobody pays much attention to how they can be tweaked in order to suit small spaces. Here’s an idea. Instead of going full or half-frame, you can simply choose to customize them ‘jenga style.’ By doing so, you’ll not only maximize the space, but can also have a very unique aesthetic.


5. Personalize your organization

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At the end of the day, organization is key to retain the efficiency of a small-style kitchen, and what better way to do that then by investing in some great compartmentalization. You can personalize the bottom half of your cabinets with custom-sized drawers, tall pullout compartments, and elephant-sized cabinets.


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