Your Burning Renovation Related Questions Answered

Home renovation is a huge venture. It’s going to take a huge chunk of your time and money, which is why people always have tons of questions before venturing for it. So today, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most burring renovation related questions and answers most Singapore residents query about!


1. How much can an average renovation cost?

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The cost of renovation is determined by the number of factors – the amount of dismantling, the prices of the materials at the time, the choice of materials you actually make and more.




2. How soon must I start planning?

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This is another key question, especially for those early bird, overexcited homeowners who love planning ahead. The ripest time for preparing for your renovation – finding the perfect interior designer, chalking up your mood boards, vetting out your top pick designers – starts around three to six months before you’re handed the key. Any time before that, and you’re just going to get indecisive in the end.




3. How do I know what will look good in reality?

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You may feel like you’ve got all the design ideas down pat, but there’s always a niggling doubt in one’s mind if those idea may execute well in reality. Well, you don’t have to worry about at least that part of the renovation – your interior designer is going to provide you with photorealistic 3D renders of what your end product is going to look like, so you’ll always know what to expect.



4. Do I need a contingency budget?

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The contingency budget is there because you may end up needing to dish out some more money if you ever hit an unexpected bump in your renovation road. This may include unexpected structural changes to having to redo a certain part of the design. This budget constitutes around 10-20% of your original renovation budget and is quite handy.



5. How can I find the perfect interior designer?

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The journey to finding the perfect designer starts with searching the internet. You can even check out some of the best interior designer’s right at Renopedia. We’ve got some exclusive portfolios you can sift through to determine which designer can capture your style and aesthetic in the best possible way.

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