Your Favourite Recipes Deserve A Great Oven


Taking care of your family with delicious home-cooked meals has never been easier with Ariston’s collection of cooking appliances.



With exceptional temperature control and pre-set programs for family favourites, Ariston’s Built-In Ovens intelligently adapt heat and cooking time to ensure perfect, smile-inducing results. Integrated advanced technologies such as Multi-flow Technology for optimised heat flow, Automatic Recipes for a helping hand in achieving perfect results, and super-effective, cleaning techniques to restore that like-new feeling – makes Ariston Built-in Ovens ideal for every cook, chef and gastro-explorer.


1. Multi-flow Technology

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The multi-flow technology of this Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS  allows a constant and even distribution of heat throughout the oven. It ensures consistently even cooking, so you can avoid burnt edges, raw middles and tender sides – giving you the perfect results every time.

These comparison tests are conducted in Ariston’s Tech Lab on Ariston oven with competitor’s equivalent oven under the same conditions.

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Foodie Tip: You can try out this yumilicious pan-pizza​ recipe. It’s definitely going to turn out amazing!


2. Electronic Temperature Control

*Static function, after stabilizing the temperature

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The Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS comes with an intelligent sensor system which helps manage all those fluctuations during the cooking process. The minimal temperature swings only happen within the +/- 2 C ° bandwidth throughout the cooking process. The consistent temperature and even heat distribution results in the savoriest food results.


3. Meat Probe

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The Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS comes with a meat probe inside that allows you to check the cooking consistency of your food during the process. This actually helps in keeping track of the internal temperature of your dishes – especially roasts and meat. The probe lets you know when the food has reached the right temperature, so you can rest easy during the cooking process.

Foodie Tip: You can try out this yummy Chicken Breast ​recipe to test out the Meat probe!


4. Multi-layer Cooking

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With the multi-layer cooking function of this Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS, you can enjoy the convenience of cooking 3 dishes at the same time, each on a different layer without having their flavours mixing together. This can save you so much time and hassle of having to cook each dish separately and provide you with the convenience you need, especially when you have to cook for a big group! 

Foodie Tip: Here’s a recipe of delicious Roast Chicken​ that you can try out in this oven. It’s definitely going to be evenly cooked and colored!


5. Multi Recipes

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This Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS comes with a wide variety of 28 pre-set recipes in its system memory. The oven automatically adjusts all the cooking settings for you when you cook each dish. This makes it very convenient for the user to cook all sorts of dishes with guaranteed excellent results.

Foodie Tip: You can try out this mouth-watering Salmon with Herbs​ recipe!


6. Recipe Expert

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The Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS will be a great tool for all hardcore cooks out there who like taking charge of their recipes. With a whole range of assisted cycles in order to prepare almost every dish, you can easily change the pre-set temperatures of this oven from 40°C to 250°C according to your own preferences and cooking experience. This ensures that your dish will always be perfectly cooked through the right temperature and cooking duration. You can benefit from this function by controlling the rising temperature of your yeast and baking, while mastering the slow-cook to create tasty dishes.

Foodie Tip: Whip up a delicious Cannelloni ​with this easy Ariston-approved recipe!


7. Pyrolytic Cleaning

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Lastly with the Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS, cleaning can be just as easy as cooking. You won’t even need chemical detergents. There’s just one, simple easy setting that’ll take care of all your post-cooking clean-up! The Pyrolytic cleaning cycles turn all the remaining food inside the oven into ash, which can be easily removed with a few swipes of a damp cloth. You won’t have to break out anything other than a microfiber cloth for this particular scrub!

The Ariston Oven FI7 891 SP IX A AUS will definitely assist you in achieving the best cooking results in your dishes. It is definitely something worth checking out if you love cooking!

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