Your Guide To Designing With Fifty Shades Of Purple

Previously, it was actually blush pink that had taken the interior design world by storm, but now we have a new contender in the field – although no one can quite figure out which shade of it is the best one. Purple has an inherently royal aura that can make any space look positively fabulous and regal. Here’s your guide to designing spaces with fifty shades of purple:


1. Backdrop with mauve

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: EXQsite Interior Design

Mauve is that shade which is understated and un-vivacious. However, it’s still very classy and looks pretty amazing when used in the right way. If you look at this living room, you’ll see that the glossy mauve curtains hung across the feature windows make an awesome backdrop for the rest of the setting. They blush the space with colour while acting as an accent fabric at the same time.


2. Accent lavenders

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: EXQsite Interior Design

The soft, graceful, and understated beauty of lavender hue is one of the best way to subtly accent your home interiors. It’s a colour that catches the eye, but not immediately. You know that it’s there, but the search for it makes the visual survey of the space so much more interesting. You can emulate it with the help of small accessories and trinkets to get the best look.


3. Heather as an accent

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: EXQsite Interior Design

Heather is that shade of purple which toes the line between light and dark. It’s very classy and sophisticated, but whether it ends up looking good in your spaces or not totally depends on the material selection and the surrounding settings. The heather hued accent chair in this closet-come study room is a great way to introduce a pop of accent within a monotonous space.


4. Soft lilac

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: EXQsite Interior Design

If you’re a fan of the softer palette, then you’ll definitely appreciate the gorgeous articulation of lilac. It’s one of the lightest tints of the purple hue and is perfect for those who do not like to strain their eyes with vivid colours. Its use in this bedroom interior design is one of the most excellent ways you can do so. The plain painted walls in lilac complement the reflective surroundings and dark curtains really well.


5. Orchid

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: EXQsite Interior Design

Orchid borders on the region of pink and is absolutely stunning. If you’re still not over the blush pink craze, this is totally the colour you should go for. It can easily be complemented with slightly darker decorative pieces, and has the ability to make any space feel like an enchanted fairyland.


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