Your Guide To Emulating Textures In The Neutral Palette

The use of neutral hues in contemporary interior designs is a trend that seems to be staying on top of all the charts. They’re classy, understated, restrained, and have a distinct ability to make any home ambiance seem perfectly elegant and sophisticated. However, very few people know how to articulate textures with such neat colours, so here’s your guide on how to do so:


1. Keeping things focused

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The focal point of all neutral colour schemes is minimalism – that’s where most of their charm comes from. However, having one or two textures in the mix is needed to make the ambiance interesting. But the main thing to note is that you cannot take away from the simplicity of the ambiance with these textures. They have to be just as understated to keep the overall ambiance harmonized.


2. Playing with accent pieces

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The classiest way to emulate textures in your neutral palette is by playing with accent pieces. Now, this can be challenging because it’s incredibly difficult to find pieces that capture the essence of neutral hues. Mostly statement art and area rugs are preferred. The trick is to keep the backdrop as plain as possible so that these objects have a chance to make it more interesting.


3. For the love of a feature wall

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Feature walls in neutral themed homes can be challenging to sort out because you need to clad them with a material/texture that is understated and restrained enough to complement the essence of this theme. They cannot be bold and stand-out – just a little bit different from the rest of the ambiance to have a nice impact on the surroundings.


4. Taking the furniture route

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Another way you can emulate contrasting textures in your neutral-hued interior designs is by using furniture to your advantage. The Scandinavian, eclectic, and industrial styles all have this one aspect in common. They use the furniture finishes to emulate the best of natural textures in the spaces. It’s natural, convenient, and always looks pretty stunning.


5. Never underestimate fabrics

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Jialux Interior

Not many people know this, but fabric is a great way to add some natural contrast and texture to your neutral themed homes. It’s highly flexible, is incredibly unique, an has the distinct ability to make the ambiance seem comfortable and cozy. Curtains, drapes, and bed covers are a great example.


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