Your Solution To The Common Problems You Face With Washing Dishes!

Whether you live alone or whether you’re part of a growing family, doing the dishes is one of the chores that the majority of us dread to do. Not only is it a messy business, but it takes a lot of time to hand wash each dish. Even with an old-school dishwasher, the process can be a bit daunting. Here are the 3 most common problems everyone faces while washing dishes:


1. Those stubborn little food bits/stains

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One of the most common problems you’ll face in washing dishes is occasionally missing those stubborn little specks of food that completely stick to the flatware and cutlery. These small specks can be a total turn off when you’re pulling out plates to eat and suddenly see an unknown food spot on the surface. Also, the hassle of removing stubborn stains on your dishware, like when you leave a cup of coffee overnight.

2. Pit marks

Pit marks usually manifest when your utensils have prolonged contact with salty or acidic food. Alternatively, it also happens when your detergent is highly concentrated. These can make your utensils seem quite redundant and off-putting in the long run, so it’s always better to take care first and foremost.


3. Black/grey marks

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You might have noticed those unattractive black and grey marks on your dishes. These are caused when your aluminium utensils rub against the dishes. The major reason for these is might be that your dishwasher has a small capacity and you’re overloading it.

4. Germy Kitchen Sponge

Did you know that the germiest room in your home is the kitchen? Microscopic bugs and bacteria favour the kitchen and the sponge you use for washing the dishes are their ideal breeding ground. The moisture in the sponge never really dries up and that lures the breeding of the bacteria and bugs in the sponge.


The Solution:

The most ideal way to sanitize dishes would be to use a dishwasher, as it cycles both hot water and heat during the drying phase, killing any bacteria and germs.


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The solution to all of your dishwashing problems is one and the same: the OBRO Integrated Sink Dishwasher (IDW10)! This dishwasher can wash and sanitize your dishware perfectly, reduce the chances of breaking and has a large enough capacity to accommodate a bigger load. It’s also energy efficient and eco-friendly with saving water!

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It comes with a single bowl sink and dishwasher, so you can use it according to your preferences and need. It also has a spraying and heating technology along with a state-of-the-art sensor touch control. With 4 unique cleaning modes (soft/standard/heavy/self-cleaning) you can customize the washer according to the need of the moment. Moreover, its high performance improves the dish cleanliness without the need of a rinse agent!


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With the OBRO Integrated Sink Dishwasher, you’ll never miss the drudgery of hand washing so it’s definitely time to upgrade that sink in your homes!

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